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Lexus Stock OEM Wheels and Rims

Lexus OEM Stock Wheels and Rims

Lexus Stock Wheels and Rims

So you think you know all about your favorite car, The Lexus! Well, bet ya didnt know what all the letters stand for in the names. Heres a little nomenclature for those of us that are just getting out feet wet. Lexus production models are named alphanumerically using two-letter designations followed by three digits. The first letter indicates relative status in the Lexus model range (ranking), and the second letter refers to car body style or type (e.g. LS for 'luxury sedan').

Featured Lexus Stock OEM Rims

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The three digits indicate engine displacement in liters multiplied by a factor of ten (e.g. 350 for a 3.5 L engine). A space is used between the letters and numbers. The same letter may be used differently depending on the model; 'S' can refer to 'sedan' or 'sport' (e.g. in LS and SC), while 'X' refers to 'luxury utility vehicle' or SUV. On hybrids, the three digits refer to the combined gas-electric output.

For certain models, a lower case letter placed after the alphanumeric designation indicates powerplant type ('h' for hybrid, 'd' for diesel), while capital letter(s) placed at the end indicates a class subtype (e.g. 'L' for long-wheelbase, 'C' for coupe, 'AWD' for all-wheel drive). On F marque models, the two-letter designation and the letter 'F' are used with no numbers or hyphens (e.g. IS F).

Check out Wikipedia for everything you ever wanted to know about Lexus.

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