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2010 Ford Expedition Wheels and Rims

2010 Ford Expedition wheels and rims

2010 Ford Expedition

What can I not say about the Ford Expedition? This is a great vehicle for anyone that has a large family, boat, and trailer or hauls a lot of stuff at once. We have owned a van, truck and car and out of all the vehicles we have owned the Ford Expedition is our favorite even down to the kids. We were in the market looking for a new vehicle and test drove several Ford products but fell in love with the Ford Expedition. We purchased the 2006 model that had approximately 60, 000 miles on it.

Featured 2010 Ford Expedition Wheels and Rims

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The 2010 Ford Expeditions start at around $35,000 thousand dollars and can go as high as $54,000 depending on the features that you would like. Most of the Ford Expeditions already come equipped with AM/FM radio with CD player, air conditioner, power windows, power door locks, tilt steering wheel, cruise, automatic transmission, roof rack and 3rd row seats which seats 9 passengers comfortably.

Most Ford Expeditions come standard with 3rd row seating which seats 9 passengers comfortably. We have a family of 7 and it is nice to all load up and still have room to carry extra people. It is nice to be able to go to the grocery store or on vacation and not be crammed in and still have room.

The Expedition has a smooth ride to it as well as takes curves well. Our Expedition came with a towing accessory which is wonderful because we own a boat so it is nice to be able to all get in one vehicle and tow the boat to wherever we want to go put the boat in. Before we had to take two separate vehicles.

Even with the large size of the Ford Expedition the gas mileage has been pretty well if you drive a lot of highway miles. In my van it costs me approximately 35-40 dollars to fill up which is the same as in the Expedition. There is about a few dollar differences but overall about the same.

All of the Expeditions come with 4 doors so it is easy to get in and out; it also has running boards for the high step up which is nice. Inside the door is also a handle so you can grab a hold as you step in.

I would have to highly recommend the Ford Expedition to anyone looking for a great sport utility vehicle. The only feature that I don't like is that the gas tank is a little smaller and we live far out into the country so we find ourselves filling up a little more often that I would like. The Ford Expedition is well worth the price.

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