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American Racing Hopster Wheels


American Racing Hopster Wheels

The American Racing Hopster Wheels are available in Chrome and Polished. The American Racing Hopster is manufactured by American racing and comes in sizes 15x4 , 15x6 , 15x7 , 15x8 , 15x10 , 15x12 , 15x14 , 16x7 , 16x8 , 17x7 , 17x8 , 17x9.5 , 17x11 , 18x7 and 18x8. Great rim for a older muscle car.

Featured American Racing Hopster Wheels

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American Racing traces their roots back more than 50 years, and continue to reinvent themselves and, quite literally, the wheel. Today's American Racing still prides themselves on the mission that began when drag racing innovator Romeo Palamides teamed up with J.O. Ellison, a San Francisco machine shop owner, to design and craft high strength-to-weight ratio racing wheels for his dragster. Palamides and Ellison, along with engineering innovator Tom Griffith formed the pioneering company in aftermarket wheels. From the golden age of hot rodding to today's street enthusiast, American Racing is reinventing the way wheels are viewed from classics to new trend-setting styles.

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