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American Racing Torq Thrust Rims

american racing torq thrust custom rims

American Racing Torq Thrust Rims

In the late fifties, American Racing introduced the original magnesium five-spoke American Racing Torq Thrust. With its unique, tapered parabolic spoke design, it is considered by many to be the most famous wheel of all time. Now, 50 years after American Racing was founded, the American car culture and the passion that drives it continues, attracting new generations of hot rodders, vintage enthusiasts, and gear heads. Find your best price on American RacingĀ  Torq Thrust Wheels available online.

Featured American Racing Torq Thrust Rims

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With the same passion that started in that small machine shop in San Francisco fifty years ago, American Racing's commitment to genuine, authentic hot rod wheels continues. American's Torq Thrust II and Hopster wheels were custom-designed to feature period correctness, functional backspacing requirements with custom sizes and modern engineering standards.

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