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BBS Wheels and Rims

BBS Wheels

BBS Wheels and Rims

With years of success in motorsports, BBS is considered the leader in wheel manufacturing and engineering technology. BBS is dedicated to pursuing the highest level of technology possible and then applying this experience to the street. On racetracks around the world and in just about every road racing category you can find BBS wheels. The BBS wheel line is technology from the world of motor racing that can improve the quality of your own driving experience.

Featured BBS Wheels and Rims

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Stunning designs, high quality, and motorsport-derived technology are the foundations that have kept BBS at the leading edge of the alloy wheel industry. Its wide range of high-performance applications will continue to guarantee maximum driving pleasure plus superior comfort and safety.

BBS, the premium alloy wheel manufacturer, maintains its position as the standard by which others are judged. The legendary wheel brand has once again scooped the top awards in the Readers' Choice category of Auto Motor und Sport (Best Brands), Auto Illustrierten (Best Brand) as well as TUNING and VW SPEED (THEO-Award).

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