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Cheap Car & Truck Chrome Rims


Cheap Car & Truck Chrome Wheels & Rims

Aftermarket rims for trucks, suv's and cars are rarely though of as 'cheap car rims' and can cost thousands of dollars. If you go with the advanced Gionvanna 26' package, you could pay upwards of $10,000. When you shop the standard brands, like Eagle, Centerline, and Lexani, you're guaranteed to get good products backed by sound warranties. The trouble is that you'll likely have to pay a premium for these advanced technologies.

Featured Cheap Car & Truck Rims

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In the early days most rims were made of steel. As car racers and performance parts dealers experimented they developed rims made of metal alloys, such as silver, magnesium, and chrome. These alloys or Mag Rims, are lighter and have a better shine than steel, but, in their natural state, they can corrode or wear out quickly.

The luxury car rim manufacturers prevent wear and tear by x-raying their rims and subjecting them to other engineering purification techniques. Discount rims on the other hand, are often promoted as low cost, cheap rims, that look similar to the luxury rims, but they lack the heat tempering and anti-corrosion protections. This is not to say that all discounted or cheap car rims will corrode or break down rapidly under normal driving conditions.

If you are looking to 'sport up' a lightweight SUV or small truck, it may be worth it to invest in non-tempered metal alloys rims. Just make sure to keep your rims clean, and avoid driving in harsh weather. If you do take your SUV or truck into the mountains, you may want to remove your cheap car rims for the trip.

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