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Chevy SSR OEM Wheels and Rims

Chevrolet SSR

Chevy SSR Wheels and Rims

Pickup trucks are designed to carry heavy materials and equipment for long distances, regardless of the terrain. Chevy trucks add style to that time-old definition. Instead of appearing as industrial vehicles, they sport an aesthetic swagger, like the edgy image of a sporty automobile. The Chevy SSR comes as the prime example. With its vintage appeal, you'll purchase one for style as much as function.

Featured Chevy SSR Wheels and Rims

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Styled like a muscle car, the Chevy SSR has an attractive exterior. Its contours are lovely, adding a lot of finesse to its muscle. The headlights are particularly small, complemented by stylish grills and the classic Chevy logo. The compartment has a convertible roof, which simply blows away the competition. As for the interior, the dashboard remains true to the pickup's vintage appearance. The layout is simple, straightforward, yet fun. Given its style, the SSR appeals more to families rather than industries and construction companies.


The Chevy SSR's convertible compartment roof keeps the contained equipment safe from weather-related hazards, like rain and snow. It also holds the contents, securely, keeping them from toppling over or falling out of the vehicle. Once equipment and other stuff are hauled in, they are surely protected, regardless of the road and weather conditions. Don't let the pickup's stylish appearance fool you, it's one tough cookie. It can carry loads of industrial equipment with ease.


Chevrolet prides itself in constructing powerful engines and the Chevy SSR builds that claim even further. It's a lot faster than standard pickups. And with its small size, it's very mobile. Maneuvering it through traffic or on rough terrain isn't too tedious. It can also carry a substantial amount of weight, which is why you will find this attractive vehicle in the roster of many truck rentals. Getting to your destination quickly and in comfortable fashion is only one of this vehicle's numerous positive traits.

Cutting Edge Craftsmanship

The Chevy SSR is the perfect example of fine vehicle craftsmanship. Its appearance, features, performance, and reliability won't disappoint you. In fact, it comes as one of the best reasons for a consumer to purchase a pickup.

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