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Ford Crown Victoria Stock Rims


Crown Victoria Stock Rims

If you need to replace one or more of your Crown Victoria Stock Rims then take a look at these listings for the best deals online. Starting with the 2008 model year, the Crown Victoria became available solely through Ford Fleet. As of June 21, 2007, the Crown Victoria was removed from Ford's website. This has been the case in Canada since the 2000 model year.

Also, with the descent into fleet-only sales across North America, the LX Premium Sport and Handling Package and the Handling and Performance Package have been officially discontinued by Ford.

For 2009, Ford narrowed the available Crown Victorias in North America by one more model. The Standard (P73) model designation has gone by the way side, in favor of the LX. To make the LX more appealing to future buyers (those who buy the cars after their service in rental fleets) it now uses the 5-spoke alloy wheels once used specifically for the LX Premium Sport and Handling package. These wheels are used in favor of the 9-spoke alloy wheel design the LX has used since 2003, purportedly due to the Lincoln Town Car using 17" wheels standard, as well as the Police Interceptor and the Taxi (P72) model.

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