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Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Stock Rims

2014 jeep grand cherokee rims

Jeep Grand CherokeeĀ  Limited Stock Wheel & Rims

This has to be one of my favorite SUV's of all time. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has just about everything you could want in a vehicle. Great ground clearance, plenty of power, leg room, storage capacity....etc Its a car, a wagon, a van, all rolled into one and to top it off they just look awesome.

The 2014 - 2016 model years have some very nice stock OEM wheels. If you recently bought one of these Jeeps but did not get the 20" Stock rims then here is your chance to find a nice used (or new) set at a great price. The 18" Rims are nice, but the 20" look much nicer and seem to fill the wheel well better. Take a look at these Stock Jeep rims for the Grand Cherokee and see what you think.

Featured Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Stock Rims

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And best yet, once you install the new 20" rims on your Jeep you can sell the original set on ebay and recover a good chunk of the money you spent for the 20" rims that you really wanted in the first place.

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