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Mercedes Factory Stock Rims

mercedes stock wheels and rims

Mercedes Factory Stock Wheels and Rims

Looking to replace your Mercedes Factory OEM Rims? Hey stuff happens, Accidents, Curbs, Letting your teen driver go for a spin. Eventually for one reason or another you might need to replace one or more of the Factory Rims on your Mercedes. Not too easy to do if your going to your local Mercedes dealer, also pretty expensive too.

So where can you find a replacement real factory OEM Rim for your car? Try some auction listings like these below. Lots of people upgrade the factory OEM rims on their cars. So what better place to sell off those old rims? Ebay of course. Here you can find a great selection of OEM rims and wheels at great prices compared to new. Just make sure your seller has a fair return policy and be sure the rims you are buying are for the make model of your Mercedes.

Featured Mercedes Factory Stock Rims

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Popular models with available Mercedes Factory OEM Rims: CL63, S63, S550, S600, S63, S65, CL550

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