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foose custom chrome wheels and rims

New & Used Aftermarket Chrome Wheels & Rims

This site lists a variety of the best wheel brands in the industry. Whether you are looking for wheels for your truck, 4x4, sedan, hot rod, sports vehicle, minivan or SUV, has a category for you to browse!

Click on any of the popular wheel brands below to find the wheels/rims for sale online that suit your preferences and style.

The basic rule of thumb is that a tire is one product and the wheel or rim is another product. Essentially, "rims" and "wheels" are the same thing. The term rim(s), is a slang term in the auto industry and tends to be used in reference to chrome rims, or colored rims, these wheel/rim styles are popular among the compact cars and SUV crowd. The term "wheels", tends to be referenced to chrome wheels and black wheels. However, these phrases are most popular with European car models.

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