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Nissan Maxima Stock Wheels and Rims

Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima Stock Rims

Do you need to replace one or more of your Nissan Maxima Stock OEM Rims? The best place to find a good replacement are online auctions like these. Compare the price vs a dealer and you will quickly see where your best deal can be found.

Nissan Maxima Stock Wheels and Rims

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The Nissan Maxima is manufactured by Nissan in a line of upper mid-size executive and sports sedans. The Maxima debuted in 1976 as an upscale version of the Bluebird and was spun off into its own line in 1980, and hass been made continuously since then. Most pre-2004 Maximas were built in Oppama, Japan, until the current North American Maximas started being assembled in Smyrna, Tennessee.

The Maxima models are also known as Nissan Cefiro or Nissan Laurel in various markets. The latest generation Maxima, code-named A34, shares its platform with the third generation Nissan Altima, in addition to several other Nissan models, and this Maxima is only sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In the US, it comes with the venerable VQ35DE, a DOHC V6 engine that now produces 265 hp (198 kW).

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