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PimpStar by DUB – The Ultimate Custom Chrome Rim

dub pimpstar rims chrome

The PimpStar by DUB rims is a huge leap in the evolution of the custom chrome rim. With PimpStar's built-in full color LED lights, microprocessor and wireless modem, you can display virtually any image, including text, graphics, logos, and even digital photos!

Pimpstar custom wheel rim collageThe included software allows you to create your own images and send them to each DUB custom wheel individually or all wheels at the same time while you drive! You can even pre-load up to six images into each wheel and program them to change automatically at the time intervals you select.

These DUB custom wheels are environmentally sealed, so you don't have to worry about going to the car wash, and they are powered by the vehicle electrical system so there are no batteries to run out or change, ever.

These custom chrome rims are not only just to make a statement, but can also be used as the greatest form of advertisement for your business.

If your Serious about getting the utmost attention to your car, truck or SUV you gotta check out these custom chrome rims. Be prepared to be seated when you look at the price. But hey, if you can afford these rims you will no doubt have the best pimped out vehicle on the road.

These Rims are getting very hard to find online. If there are any available you can check this link below.

Check out these PimStar Dubs in action!

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