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Pink Chrome Rims – (yeah you read that right)

pink chrome rims

Pink Chrome Rims

Well I thought I had seen it all but now I ran across these online and just thought I had to share them with everyone. Who else wants a set of Pink Rims or some people call them Pink Chrome Rims. I never would have imagined a manufacture would produce such a thing? But then again I have seen pink Caddy's runnin up and down my road for a while, and then there is that cosmetic company that gives there top sellers a pink caddy as a bonus for selling make up, so I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Yep folks check out these actual "Pink Rims".

Pink Chrome Wheels and Rims

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So you think they might sit well on your new Chevy Camero or maybe your buddies new HEMI Ride?

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  1. I need something like these for my truck (09 Tahoe)…I’m guessing like 20 or 22’s…any one have any suggestions??? I need em in my life like yesterday! I’m a girl who loves everything pink!!!

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