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TSW Racing Wheels and Rims

tsw wheels and rims

TSW Racing Wheels and Rims

TSW Wheels come from a rich racing heritage..........

Founded by a former Formula One racing driver, TSW has been involved in motor racing around the globe for over thirty years. Many of the TSW wheels are based on racing technology. TSW has great selection of staggered wheel applications.

TSW wheels are sold with hub centric to rings to ensure a vibration-free ride. TSW Racing Wheels are manufactured to extremely high standards that often significantly exceed the industry norm, resulting in a smoother, better handling ride.

Several sizes can carry as many as three different widths for the perfect fit. Staggered wheels come in sizes from 17 inch to 22 inch, staggered wheel applications. Although chrome is becoming more popular with TSW enthusiasts, hyper black wheels and hyper silver wheels dominate the current TSW wheel lineup.

Featured New and used TSW Racing Wheels

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Heres a little more about TSW, The world leader in staggered wheel fitments.

TSW makes the largest range of staggered one piece alloy wheels in the world. We are obsessed about quality and passionate about design. We strive to offer the perfect wheel fit for your vehicle. No matter how beautiful our alloy wheels may be, we feel it is imperative that they fit correctly on your vehicle. To add to our large range of staggered applications we offer a broad range of styles and finishes, including black wheels, hyper silver wheels, machine cut wheels and chrome wheels. Our sizes range from fifteen inch wheels through staggered twenty two inch wheel applications.

Our obsession with quality permeates every aspect of our product. For a smooth ride we have developed centering rings to ensure hub centricity. We machine our wheels to tolerances that far exceed the industry norm. Even our emblems and packaging are scrutinized and obsessed over to ensure that every aspect of every TSW product represents the highest possible quality.

The TSW group also owns several other wheel brands that address specific vehicles, including a group of marquee specific brands.

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