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Vintage Old School Mag Wheels

classic vintage slotted mag wheels and rims

Vintage Old School Mag Wheels, or "Mags"

Mag Wheels are technically speaking, wheels made from magnesium, for racing purposes due to their light weight and strength. Also typically designed with a series of symmetrical spokes or holes. The name "Mag" comes from its most common component, magnesium. Magnesium alloy wheels are often shiny and more lightweight than other types of wheels. The term "Mag Wheels" has been expanded to cover any kind of wheel made of a metal or alloy, usually aluminum in whole or in part. Check out these great looking old school Mag Wheels available online now!

Featured Vintage Old School Mag Wheels and Rims

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Once you have found the right set of mag wheels for your Bad Ass ride, you need to learn how to clean and maintain them. Use grease cleaner to remove dirt from the surface of the wheels. A curved brush comes in very handy for the hard to reach areas and spokes. You can use an old toothbrush but a larger brush works much better. Don't use cleaning pastes and polishes containing ammonia or anhydrous chemicals which will cloud or dull the finish.

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  1. Now thats what Im talking about! I remember these rims from the 70’s on all the hot rod cars and trucks. Javlin Pro Stocks, GTO’s, Cameros, they all had these or Cragars. Man those were the days…

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