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VMR Velocity Motoring Wheels and Rims

vmr wheels and rims

VMR Velocity Motoring Wheels and Rims

Ready for some high end european rims? Velocity Motoring produces light weight aluminum alloy Rims for high end European cars like Audi and BMW. These Rims are widely recognized by leading enthusiast communities and exported worldwide. From the research and development to the final manufacturing process, VMR Rims leave nothing to guesswork. Their aim is to provide customers with unrivaled quality wheels at the highest level of customer service possible.

Featured VMR Wheels and Rims

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Heres a little bit of the about page from Velocity Motoring website......

"By interacting directly with car enthusiasts, we are able to bring to the market today's wheel styles, fitments and colors. This results in wheels that are truly appreciated by everyone. VMR Wheels are designed to fit the same way original wheels do, without the need for installation kits or hub rings. Our wheels are tested to meet or exceed JWL/VIA requirements and are produced at an ISO-9001:2000 approved facility."

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